Sheet Metal Cabinet Fabrication IP65 Electric Waterproof Cabinet

Place of Origin Suzhou, China
Brand Name JDC
Certification ISO 9001 : 2015
Model Number JDC173
Minimum Order Quantity 25
Price USD $1~$100/piece
Packaging Details According to the customer's requirements
Delivery Time 10~30 days
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 10000 pieces per month

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Product Details
Product Name Sheet Metal Cabinet Fabrication IP65 Electric Waterproof Cabinet Material Mild Steel; Stainless Steel; Aluminum...
Color Black; White; Silver... Process Method Laser Cutting; Bending; Welding; Stamping...
Surface Powder Coating; Anodizing; Sand Blasting; Brushed Finishing... Size Customed
Package Carton; Wooden Case... Type Milling,Turning,Wire EDM,Broaching,Rapid Prototyping
Cnc Machining Or Not CNC Machining Material Capabilities Aluminum,Copper,Stainless Steel,Brass,Bronze
Application Auto Part,Industrial Equipment,Household Appliances,home Appliance,Figure Statue Service Customized OEM
High Light

Contract Cnc Machining Rapid Prototyping


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Product Description

Sheet Metal Cabinet Fabrication IP65 Electric Waterproof Cabinet

1. Description

A Sheet Metal Cabinet Fabrication IP65 Electric Waterproof Cabinet refers to a specifically designed enclosure made from sheet metal, which is used to house electrical equipment while providing protection against dust, water, and other environmental factors. The term "IP65 Electric Waterproof Cabinet" emphasizes that this particular cabinet meets the IP65 standard, ensuring its high level of protection against ingress of solid particles and water.


The Electric Waterproof Cabinet is engineered with a focus on electrical equipment safety in challenging environments. It features a robust construction using sheet metal materials and is designed to withstand demanding conditions. This cabinet provides a secure and shielded environment for the housed electrical components, safeguarding them from potential damage caused by dust, moisture, and other external factors.


The IP65 Electric Waterproof Cabinet employs advanced sealing mechanisms, gaskets, and locking systems to ensure a watertight and dust-tight enclosure. Its IP65 rating signifies that it offers complete protection against the entry of dust particles and provides resistance against water jets from any direction. This makes it suitable for various industrial applications, outdoor installations, or environments where exposure to water or dust is a concern.


The Electric Waterproof Cabinet's design incorporates multiple ventilation options to prevent the accumulation of heat generated by the enclosed electrical equipment. This ensures efficient thermal management and helps maintain optimal operating conditions within the cabinet.


In summary, the Sheet Metal Cabinet Fabrication IP65 Electric Waterproof Cabinet is a durable and secure enclosure specifically built to protect electrical equipment from dust, water, and other external elements. Its IP65 rating and emphasis on electrical safety make it a reliable choice for demanding environments, ensuring the longevity and functionality of the housed electrical components.

2. Technical specifications

Material Aluminum alloy: ADC12, ADC10, A360, A380, A356, 6061, 6063
Magnesium alloy: AZ91D, AM60B, Zinc alloy: ZA3#,ZA5#,ZA8#
Processing Craft Drawings→rough machining → CNC machining→surface treatment →product checking→ packing →delivery
Tolerance ± 0.02mm
Surface Treatment Electroplating, Chrome Plating, Zinc Plating, Nickel plating, Electrophoresis, Anodization, Polishing, Sandblasting, Passivation, Powder coating, Spray painting, Etc.
Quality Assurance ISO9001:2015 Certified, SGS Certification
Inspection 1.Foundry in-house: 100% inspection on critical dimension; 100% on appearance.
2.Third Party inspection available upon requirement
Mainly Testing Facility Three-dimensional measuring instrument (CMM), Salt spray test box, Dynamic balance detector, Pneumatic detection
Features & Advantage

1.High machining accuracy, the flatness within 0.1mm.

2.High strength and not easy to deform, has good electrical and thermal conductivity.

3.High finish appearance,smooth surface roughness is Ra1.6 after machining.

4.The machining precision is high and the assembly structure is seamless.

5.No granules, no spots and no painting peel off in appearance.

Standard 1.Aluminum alloy: ISO3522-84, ASTMB85-96, JISH5302:2000, EN1706:1998
2.Magnesium alloy: ISO/DIS16220-1999, ASTMB93/B93M-98, EN1754-1997
3.Zinc alloy: ISO301-1981,ASTMB327-98, JISH2021:1999, EN12844:1998

3. Pictures

Sheet Metal Cabinet Fabrication IP65 Electric Waterproof Cabinet 0

4. Appication

The IP65 Electric Waterproof Cabinet, as a Sheet Metal Cabinet Fabrication, finds application in various industries and environments where protection against dust, water, and other external factors is crucial.


1. Industrial Automation: The Electric Waterproof Cabinet is commonly used in industrial automation settings, where it provides secure housing for electrical control systems, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), and other sensitive equipment. Its IP65 rating ensures reliable protection against dust and water, making it suitable for factories, production lines, and harsh manufacturing environments.


2. Outdoor Installations: The Electric Waterproof Cabinet is ideal for outdoor installations that require electrical equipment to operate in challenging conditions. It is often used in telecommunications infrastructure, outdoor power distribution, and renewable energy installations. The IP65 rating ensures the cabinet's resilience against rain, snow, dust, and other environmental elements.


3. Transportation and Automotive: The Electric Waterproof Cabinet finds application in the transportation industry, including railway systems, marine vessels, and automotive manufacturing. It offers protection for electrical components such as control units, communication systems, and power distribution modules, safeguarding them from moisture, dust, and vibrations.


4. Energy and Utilities: In the energy sector, the Electric Waterproof Cabinet is utilized for housing electrical equipment in power plants, substations, and renewable energy installations. Its IP65 rating guarantees protection against water ingress and dust, ensuring the reliability and longevity of critical components in these demanding environments.


5. Outdoor Telecommunications: The Electric Waterproof Cabinet plays a vital role in outdoor telecommunications infrastructure, including cell towers, data centers, and communication network installations. It provides a secure and weatherproof housing for equipment such as switches, routers, servers, and power supplies, protecting them from moisture, dust, and extreme weather conditions.


6. Mining and Construction: The Electric Waterproof Cabinet is well-suited for mining and construction sites where dust, moisture, and rugged conditions are prevalent. It provides a safe enclosure for electrical control systems, monitoring equipment, and communication devices, ensuring reliable operation and durability in harsh environments.


Overall, the IP65 Electric Waterproof Cabinet is a versatile solution widely used across industries where the protection of electrical equipment from water and dust is of utmost importance. Its robust construction, sealing mechanisms, and adherence to the IP65 standard make it a reliable choice for a range of applications, promoting equipment longevity and performance in challenging environments.