Custom Cheap Sheet Metal Cabinets Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box

Place of Origin Suzhou, China
Brand Name JDC
Certification ISO 9001 : 2015
Model Number JDC182
Minimum Order Quantity 25
Price USD $1~$100/piece
Packaging Details According to the customer's requirements
Delivery Time 10~30 days
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 10000 pieces per month

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Product Details
Product Name Custom Cheap Sheet Metal Cabinets Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box Material Mild Steel; Stainless Steel; Aluminum...
Color Black; White; Silver... Process Method Laser Cutting; Bending; Welding; Stamping...
Surface Powder Coating; Anodizing; Sand Blasting; Brushed Finishing... Size Customed
Package Carton; Wooden Case... Application Machinery,Used Widely,Metal Parts,Industrial,Solar Energy Bracket
Service Customized OEM,OEM/ODM/Customized/Design,OEM ODM,OEM Service Thickness 1mm-300mm,0.5mm-8mm,2 Mm
High Light

External Sheet Metal Cabinet Fabrication 1.4mm


Sheet Metal Cabinet Fabrication Case 1.4mm


External Electronics Enclosure 1.4mm

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Product Description

Custom Cheap Sheet Metal Cabinets Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box


A Custom Cheap Sheet Metal Cabinets Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box refers to a tailor-made, cost-effective enclosure made from sheet metal, designed specifically for outdoor applications in electrical distribution systems. The term "Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box" emphasizes its primary purpose of housing and organizing electrical components for distributing power in outdoor environments.


The Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box is fabricated using sheet metal materials, known for their versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. It is custom-designed to meet specific requirements and dimensions, ensuring a precise fit for the enclosed electrical components. This box serves as a centralized and secure housing solution for various electrical distribution equipment, such as circuit breakers, relays, fuses, transformers, and distribution panels.


The primary function of the Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box is to provide a protected and organized environment for electrical distribution components in outdoor settings. It acts as a junction point where power is received from the main source and distributed to various electrical loads or systems. The box ensures proper wiring connections, circuit protection, and facilitates the control and monitoring of power distribution.


The Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box is designed to withstand the challenges posed by outdoor environments. It features weatherproofing measures, such as sealing mechanisms, gaskets, and protective coatings, to safeguard the enclosed electrical components from moisture, dust, UV radiation, and other external factors. This ensures the reliability and longevity of the electrical distribution system in outdoor conditions.


Moreover, the Custom Cheap Sheet Metal Cabinets Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box is manufactured with cost-effectiveness in mind. The use of sheet metal and customized fabrication allows for efficient production processes and affordable pricing. The box offers a cost-effective solution for outdoor electrical distribution needs without compromising on quality or functionality.


In summary, the Custom Cheap Sheet Metal Cabinets Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box is a customized and cost-effective enclosure designed for outdoor electrical distribution systems. With its emphasis on the Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box, it provides a secure, organized, and weather-resistant solution for housing and distributing electrical components in outdoor environments. This box ensures reliable power distribution, protects the enclosed equipment from external elements, and offers an affordable option for outdoor electrical distribution needs.


Zinc plating, Electroplating ,

Nickel plating, Anodic oxidation,

Chrome plating, Yellow zinc plated,

Electroless nickel plating,

Chemical conversion coating,

Powder Coating, Liquid painting

Galvanized,Brushed, Sand blasting, Passivation , Heat treatment


Custom as your special requirement

Main Technical specifications

Specification OEM/ODM, according to customer's drawing or sample
Tolerance Stamping parts:0.01-0.1mm, CNC machining parts:0.1-0.002mm
Files Formats: Pro/Engineer, Solidworks, Auto CAD
Product include Varieties of metal stamping parts, metal press stamping parts, metal welding parts, metal drawing parts, metal punch parts, CNC Metal parts, CNC metal machining parts, CNC metal machined parts, CNC metal milling aluminum parts, CNC metal turning stainless steel parts, Metal chassis, metallic cabinets, metal cabinets, metal cases, metal enclosures, metal boxes metallic machinery casing, metallic communication products, metallic auto parts, metallic refrigerator parts, metallic washing machine parts, vending machine shell fabrication, communication cabinet fabrication, mold designing making and so on.


Custom Cheap Sheet Metal Cabinets Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box 0Custom Cheap Sheet Metal Cabinets Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box 1


The Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box, as a Custom Cheap Sheet Metal Cabinet, finds application in various industries and environments where cost-effective and reliable outdoor electrical distribution solutions are required.


1. Residential and Commercial Buildings: Outdoor Electrical Distribution Boxes are commonly used in residential and commercial buildings to distribute electrical power to different areas or units. They serve as centralized enclosures for housing circuit breakers, meters, relays, and other electrical distribution components, ensuring safe and efficient power distribution throughout the premises.


2. Industrial Facilities: Outdoor Electrical Distribution Boxes are deployed in industrial settings to distribute power to machinery, equipment, and control systems. They provide a centralized point for organizing and protecting electrical distribution components, allowing for efficient power management and ensuring uninterrupted operation in outdoor industrial environments.


3. Construction Sites: Outdoor Electrical Distribution Boxes play a crucial role in temporary power distribution on construction sites. They provide a secure and organized solution for distributing electricity to various tools, lighting systems, and temporary installations, enabling smooth construction operations.


4. Public Infrastructure: Outdoor Electrical Distribution Boxes are utilized in public infrastructure projects, such as street lighting systems, parks, and outdoor facilities. They serve as junction boxes for distributing electrical power to lighting fixtures, signage, and other electrical installations, ensuring reliable operation and safety in outdoor public spaces.


5. Events and Temporary Installations: Outdoor Electrical Distribution Boxes are commonly used in events and temporary installations, such as concerts, festivals, and outdoor exhibitions. They provide a centralized and secure enclosure for distributing power to stages, booths, sound systems, lighting setups, and other temporary installations, facilitating efficient event operations.


6. Telecommunications: Outdoor Electrical Distribution Boxes are employed in telecommunications infrastructure for distributing power to communication cabinets, equipment, and antennas. They ensure reliable power supply for uninterrupted operation of communication networks in outdoor environments.


Overall, the Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box is a versatile solution used in residential, commercial, industrial, and public infrastructure settings, as well as in event setups and telecommunications installations. Its cost-effectiveness, customization capabilities, and emphasis on outdoor functionality make it an essential component for efficient and reliable outdoor electrical distribution.