Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Laser Cutting Bending Parts

Place of Origin Suzhou, China
Brand Name JDC
Certification ISO 9001 : 2015
Model Number JDC008
Minimum Order Quantity 25
Price USD $1~$5/piece
Packaging Details According to the customer's requirements
Delivery Time 8~30 days
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 10000 pieces per month

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Product Details
Product Name Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Laser Cutting Bending Parts Size Customed Size
Color Customized Color Material Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper
Surface Treatment Zinc Plating, Brushing Process Punching, Bending, Stamping, Deep Drawing
Application Industrial,building Material,Machine Parts Service OEM ODM,Sheet Metal Fabrication,OEM/ODM/Customized/Design
Packing Carton,Paper Cases Packing,Wooden Case Material Thickness 1.5mm,From 0.2-30mm
High Light

Hot Stamping Sheet Metal Precision 1.5mm


Sheet Metal Precision 1.5mm


precision metal additive manufacturing 1.5mm

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Product Description

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Laser Cutting Bending Parts


Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication involves the fabrication of intricate and accurate sheet metal parts using advanced techniques and equipment. The process starts with laser cutting, which utilizes a high-powered laser beam to precisely cut through the sheet metal with exceptional accuracy and speed. This enables the creation of intricate shapes and precise dimensions.


After laser cutting, the sheet metal parts undergo bending, where they are formed into desired shapes and angles. Precision bending ensures that the components meet the specified tolerances and geometric requirements. This process is achieved using specialized machinery and tooling, resulting in precise and consistent bends.


Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication finds applications in various industries and sectors. It is widely used in the manufacturing of electronic enclosures, chassis, brackets, panels, and other components for electronics and telecommunications equipment. The precise dimensions and high-quality finishes achieved through Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication make it ideal for producing components that require a high level of accuracy and functionality.


In the automotive industry, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication is employed in manufacturing parts such as brackets, brackets, brackets, and brackets. The precision and durability offered by Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication make it suitable for automotive components that require strict tolerances and reliable performance.


In the aerospace and aviation sectors, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication is utilized in the production of aircraft components, including structural parts, control panels, and instrument enclosures. The ability to create complex shapes and maintain precise dimensions is crucial for ensuring the safety and performance of aerospace applications.


Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication also plays a significant role in the medical and healthcare industries. It is used in the manufacturing of medical equipment, devices, and cabinets, where accuracy and cleanliness are essential. The high-quality finishes achieved through Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication support the stringent hygiene requirements of the medical field.


Furthermore, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication is applied in the production of consumer goods, furniture, signage, and architectural elements. Its versatility allows for the creation of aesthetically pleasing designs with precise dimensions and consistent quality.


In summary, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Laser Cutting Bending Parts involve the manufacturing process of producing accurate and intricate sheet metal components. Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication finds applications in electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical, consumer goods, and architectural industries, among others. Its ability to achieve precise dimensions and high-quality finishes makes it a valuable manufacturing method for various applications.

Main Technical specifications

Products Name Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Laser Cutting Bending Parts
Description ISO verified high quality Sheet metal enclosure fabrication Factory China
Available Material Metal Parts: aluminum,steel,brass,copper,iron, etc.
Plastic Parts: PC, PP, ABS, PMMA, PA, POM, PC+ABS, rubber, etc.
Surface Treatment Anodizing different colors, brush, sandblast, painting, powder coating, galvanization, nickel/tin/chrome/copper plating, etc.
Intended Application Desktop computer; Electrical Cabinet/box; Electronic product; Network chassis; Servers rack; Medicine cabinet; Industrial manipulative computer; Machine enclosure and Frame; Tool Cabinet and chest ; Wall bracket;
Additional Capabilities CAD Design Services
CAM Programming Services
Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)
Reverse Engineering
Industry Focus Appliance/ Automotive/ Agricultural/ Electronics/ Industrial/ Marine/ Mining/ Hydraulics/ Valves/ Oil and Gas/ Electrical/ Construction/ Machinery/ Furniture/ Toy/ Wood board/ Wall/ Agricultural
Artwork Format

2D format: PDF.

3D format: stp, step, igs.

Trade Term EXW, FOB Shenzhen, CIF, CFR, DDU, DDP
Payment Term T/T, L/C, Alipay
Sample and Cost Free charge in our stock, customized sample according to the drawing.
Lead Time of Sample Within 1 week


Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Laser Cutting Bending Parts 0

Some Common Types of Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Laser Cutting Bending Parts

1. Brackets: Brackets are used for mounting or supporting other components. They can be customized in various shapes and sizes to fit specific requirements.


2. Enclosures and Panels: Enclosures and panels are protective covers or housing for electronic equipment, control panels, or machinery. They are often fabricated using sheet metal and require precise cutting and bending to accommodate various features and access points.


3. Chassis: Chassis refers to the framework or structure that holds and supports various components within a system or device. Sheet metal fabrication is commonly used to create chassis for electronic devices, computers, appliances, or industrial equipment.


4. Frames and Supports: Frames and supports provide structural integrity and support for various applications. They can be designed and fabricated to withstand specific loads and forces while maintaining dimensional accuracy.


5. Channels and Profiles: Channels and profiles are custom-formed sheet metal parts that have specific shapes and cross-sections. They are commonly used for structural or functional purposes, such as cable management, ventilation, or guiding components within a system.


6. Covers and Plates: Covers and plates are flat or curved sheet metal parts used to protect or enclose other components or systems. They can be designed with specific cutouts, holes, or fastening features to accommodate specific needs.


7. Mounting Hardware: Mounting hardware includes various types of brackets, clips, or fasteners used to secure components or assemblies to other surfaces or structures. These parts often require precise fabrication to ensure proper fit and functionality.


8. Heat Sinks: Heat sinks are components designed to dissipate heat generated by electronic devices or systems. They are commonly fabricated using sheet metal with intricate fin structures to maximize heat transfer efficiency.


9. Decorative Trim and Accents: Sheet metal fabrication can also be used to create decorative trim or accents for applications that require an aesthetic appeal. These parts often involve complex shapes, patterns, or engraving.


These are just a few examples of the common types of Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Bending Fabrication Parts. The versatility of the process allows for the production of a wide range of components tailored to specific needs in various industries.