Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Place of Origin Suzhou, China
Brand Name JDC
Certification ISO 9001 : 2015
Model Number JDC004
Minimum Order Quantity 20
Price USD $0.2~$100/piece
Packaging Details 30cm*30cm*30cm; According to the customer's requirements
Delivery Time 10~30 days
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 20000 pieces per month

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Product Details
Product Name Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Sheet Metal Manufacturing Material Aluminum, Steel, SPCC, SGCC, SECC
Process Method Laser Cutting; Bending; Welding; Stamping... Size Customed Size
Application Industrial,building Material,Auto,all Fields,Machine Parts Surface Finish Automotive Industry; Appliance Parts; Mechanical Industry; Electronic Industry; IT Industry
Tolerance ±0.03mm,0.1-0.5mm,+ - 0.1mm,+/-0.1~0.05mm,ST6 Color Customized Color,Customzied Aluminum Alloys,Bright,White,Any Color
Thickness 1mm~8mm,0.5mm-8mm,1.0mm-3.0mm Surface Treatment Powder Coating; Sandblasting
High Light

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Precision Sheet Metal Stamping Parts 3.0mm


Precision Machining Sheet Metal JDC

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Product Description

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Sheet Metal Manufacturing


Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication is a specialized manufacturing process that involves the precise shaping, cutting, and manipulation of sheet metal to create a variety of components and products. Sheet Metal Manufacturing, as a key aspect of this process, plays a crucial role in transforming flat sheets of metal into functional and customized parts. Here is a description focusing on Sheet Metal Manufacturing:


Sheet Metal Manufacturing is the core foundation of Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication. It encompasses a range of techniques and processes used to transform raw sheet metal into finished products with exceptional precision and accuracy. Through the use of specialized machinery, such as shears, presses, and CNC equipment, the sheet metal is carefully cut, formed, bent, and assembled to create a wide range of components.


In Sheet Metal Manufacturing, flat sheets of various metals, such as steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, are carefully selected based on their properties and desired application. The sheets are then processed using techniques like shearing, punching, and laser cutting to achieve precise dimensions and shapes.


The formed and cut sheet metal pieces are then subjected to various manufacturing processes such as bending, folding, and welding, to create complex structures and components. Sheet Metal Manufacturing also involves techniques like riveting, fastening, and spot welding to join multiple parts together securely.


With the advancement of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technologies, Sheet Metal Manufacturing has become highly efficient and accurate. CNC machines precisely follow digital design specifications, ensuring consistent quality and minimizing human error.


Sheet Metal Manufacturing finds applications in numerous industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and architecture. It is used to fabricate components such as chassis, enclosures, brackets, panels, and frames. The versatility and cost-effectiveness of Sheet Metal Manufacturing make it a preferred choice for producing high-quality, durable, and customized parts.


In summary, Sheet Metal Manufacturing is a fundamental process within Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication that involves cutting, forming, bending, and assembling flat sheets of metal to create precise and functional components for various industries. Through the utilization of advanced machinery and techniques, Sheet Metal Manufacturing enables the production of high-quality and customized sheet metal products.

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 Main Technical specifications

Place of Origin China
Model Number JDC004
Product Name stainless steel sheet metal fabrication
Material Thickness 1mm-50mm stainless steel sheet
Surface treatment Brushing
Drawing Format 3D/CAD/DWG
Process laser cutting/cnc bending
Tolerance ISO2768-mk
Material Capabilities Steel/Aluminum/Stainless Steel 316/etc
Size Customized Size
Application Auto Parts
Type Precision Nonstandard Parts(OEM Service)



Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Sheet Metal Manufacturing 0



Sheet Metal Manufacturing, as a vital component of Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, finds diverse applications across various industries. Here are five examples highlighting the applications of Sheet Metal Manufacturing:


1. Automotive Industry: Sheet Metal Manufacturing plays a crucial role in the automotive sector. It is utilized in the production of automotive body panels, chassis components, engine enclosures, brackets, and structural parts. The precise fabrication and assembly of sheet metal parts ensure structural integrity, safety, and aesthetic appeal in vehicles.


2. Electronics and Telecommunications: The electronics industry extensively relies on Sheet Metal Manufacturing for the production of enclosures, racks, cabinets, and heat sinks for electronic devices such as computers, servers, telecommunications equipment, and consumer electronics.


3. Sheet metal's durability, electromagnetic shielding properties, and thermal management capabilities make it suitable for these applications.


4. Aerospace and Aviation: Sheet Metal Manufacturing is indispensable in the aerospace industry, where lightweight yet robust components are essential. It is used to fabricate aircraft structures, engine components, wings, fuselage panels, and interior fittings. The precision and strength of sheet metal contribute to the overall performance, safety, and fuel efficiency of aerospace systems.


5. Industrial Equipment: Sheet Metal Manufacturing finds applications in the production of various industrial equipment and machinery. It is used to manufacture enclosures, control panels, machine frames, brackets, and conveyor systems. Sheet metal's durability and versatility make it suitable for demanding industrial environments.


Architecture and Construction: Sheet Metal Manufacturing is employed in architectural and construction projects to create decorative panels, façades, roofs, stairs, railings, and other structural components. The ability to customize sheet metal to specific design requirements allows architects and designers to achieve unique and visually appealing structures.


Sheet Metal Manufacturing plays a vital role in these industries by providing precise, durable, and customized solutions. Its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and wide range of applications make it a preferred choice for fabricating various components and structures.