The custom process of sheet metal processing is constantly changing

June 26, 2021
Latest company news about The custom process of sheet metal processing is constantly changing

Conventional sheet metal processing technology can not adapt to small batch, customized and other requirements of the order.Laser cutting technology as a "shear-punching" will replace the traditional sheet metal processing technology, to achieve flexibility, high flexibility.Of course, the cost of laser cutting process is higher, but with the popularity of small batch manufacturing, laser cutting demand increases, sheet metal processing custom technology is becoming more and more popular.


1) Under the traditional process, the workpiece is composed of several parts.Now, one cut bending is complete.Reached the purpose of reducing the working procedure, shortening the construction period and reducing the cost.
2) Under the traditional process, special fixture is configured for welding.Now the parts use similar woodworking tenon process, accurate positioning, time-saving, simple welding fixture, product deformation is small.
3) Multiple bending technology has been relatively popular in the domestic box manufacturing industry.The advantage is that the traditional stiffeners are eliminated.Sheet metal processing custom process has no other process is unique.So as to achieve high product quality and low manufacturing cost.
4) the use of laser slitting thin, high precision features, a cutting (with micro connection), with four times bending, to complete four workpiece.
5) Because of the use of tenon structure, the workpiece bending with spot welding process, you can complete the whole process.Small deformation of workpiece, no need for shaping and grinding before spraying.
Sheet metal processing custom process support and design, laser cutting process, bending process.In particular, 2D part design and 3D graphic development can be transmitted to a specified machine through a standard computer network.